Ashley Kessler   – Rockin’ Her Curves Like It’s Her Job

Ashley grew up acting in live theater, modeling and taking the children’s pageant world by storm one tiara at a time.  No wonder she has a passion for fashion.  When she’s not scribbling thoughts in her journal, Ashley can be found singing at the top of her lungs, laughing ’til her sides ache and secretly watching bad reality TV.  Nothing puts a smile on her face like a good classic rock song playing on the radio.

Ashley graduated from CSUN with a broadcast journalism degree and currently works in the travel industry.  She loves to travel and wishes she could live in Europe every winter for their Christmas Markets.  She currently resides in the glamorous San Fernando Valley with her tuxedo cat, Stanley.

Ashley has been a curvy girl all her life and encourages other curvy women to rock what Mother Nature gave them.  As a self proclaimed pseudo hippy feminist, she believes that empowerment comes from falling in love with who you are and is excited to write for Big Girl Runway for that very reason.

Erin Dunphy – Bringing Back Bombshells!

Erin, a native Californian, has been into fashion since a very young age. She used to go around telling people: “I’m going to be a singer who designs her own clothes.” She grew up dancing, singing, acting and modeling. Along with fashion Erin loves yoga, hiking, singing, laughing, writing, dance (she belly dances and did Irish Toe for years), going for long walks with her ‘kids’, Keely and Charlie, going to the beach and being vegan. Veganism has changed Erin’s life in such amazing and positive way. It has given her control over her health and has shown her a new love and appreciation for her body and what she puts in and on it. Erin is a crusader for animals and loves being a voice for those that don’t have one. She has three dogs that are her children… Taffy, Keely and Charleston. Music is Erin’s lifeblood… it keeps her ticking.

Erin graduated from CSUN with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sociology. She studied women’s studies as well and has always felt empowered by having strong beautiful women in her life and as teachers. Erin has worked at CBS 2 and KCAL 9 News for the past 8 going on 9 years. In the near future Erin hopes to start traveling and seeing all the beauty the world holds.

Erin is no stick figure and is hoping to bring the voluptuous, full figured, curvy woman back into the world of media. She is all for women’s rights and is all about having the natural beauty of a woman’s body take center stage. Erin is hoping to bring bombshells back and that is why she is a perfect fit for Big Girl Runway. Big Girl Runway symbolizes the curvy movement. The take back our figures movement that is slowly but surely coming back into mainstream media. Women are supposed to have curves… it’s what we were born with.

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