Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Body!

Recently, while watching My Fair Wedding by David Tutera, I saw these amazing dresses that are made to fit everyone by an awesome company called Two Birds! Yes… I said everyone, which means us curvy girls too! How many of you have either been in or seen bridesmaid dresses that gave you the chills, well you can kiss those days goodbye. These dresses are truly a dress you can have forever and wear again and again. I was helping with a wedding this past weekend and the beautiful bridesmaids in the wedding were wearing none other than Two Birds bridesmaid dresses. I love how life works! I recognized them and asked if I could sneak a shot of the lovely ladies in them! Now, I can speak from personal experience, these dresses are not only gorgeous, but they do fit all sizes and they look amazing on. I am happy to report that the ladies wearing them said they were super happy with them and that they were even comfortable! Bonus!!

There are so many ways to wear these dresses. The options seem endless. On the Two Birds website, it says: “One dress, over 15 ways to wrap, wear it again and again”. These dresses can be as simple or fabulous as you want. You can accent them with a broach or you can wear them plain. They can be strapless, halter and so much more! The dresses are timeless, flowy, elegant and fantastic! In one word I would describe Two Birds dresses and designs as stunning.

Ariane Goldman created Two Birds and the lovely dresses. She too was frustrated on spending too much money on bridesmaid dresses that she never wore again, so she left the corporate world and decided to start her own business… hence these gorgeous creations came to life. The idea behind Two Birds is, as stated on their website: “Two Birds was founded on the premise that being a bridesmaid doesn’t have to mean forgoing style, and that a bridesmaid can not only be happy for the bride on her special day, but happy that she looks so fabulous!!”

There are four different styles to choose from: the Classic, which comes in about 20 different colors and has over 15 ways to wear it. the Rosette comes in six different colors and has the option of four different lengths. the Two-Toned, much like the Classic, has 20 colors to choose from for top and bottom and over 15 styles to wear it. Lastly, the Chiffon has 2 lengths to choose from and six different colors it comes in. These dresses can be maternity friendly and also have the option of a “Bandeau” for more support. A Bandeau is perfect for more coverage or for a woman with a larger bust. Two Birds even offers wraps, jewelry, flower girls dresses, groomsmen ties and more!

They now have two shops, one located in New York and the other in Toronto. I now know you can get them in L.A. for a fact, because I saw them with my own two eyes.

Image from a recent wedding I attended…the ladies are wearing Two Birds!

For those of you interested in purchasing for yourself, others or for your wedding or even if you just want to check out this fabulous bridesmaid company, please visit their website at



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