The TODAY Show features Gabbi Gregg

Hello all you curvy fashionistas out there!

Summer is almost here and how appropriate that plus-size blogger, Gabi Gregg was on TODAY to talk about the photos she posted on her blog of herself in a bikini and the response she received from loyal supporters! The photos spread like wildfire and got a huge response. Gregg calls the gallery of 31 full figured girls in swimwear her “fatkini” gallery! She wanted to create a space for other curvy women, like herself, to share them with the public and the world. While this is her second time posting photos of herself, this time she wanted to take it to a bigger level. Gregg wanted to prove to people that you don’t have to be a size zero to rock a bikini and your curves. She says she has a “really supportive family and supportive network of friends” and that is how her confidence flourished. Gregg says she loves her body and feels “we should reject the fashion rules about what we are and what we are not allowed to wear.” I love when she talks about what she wanted to accomplish with the gallery… she says it’s not just about her. “You could see rolls and see the “flaws” and that’s why I wanted to kind of bring it together and say, no, it’s not just me wearing a bikini.”

To see more of the interview with Gabi Gregg on the TODAY show, just click HERE.

Gabi Gregg from

So what are you waiting for ladies? Grab you confidence and your swimsuit…maybe even Sorella Swimwear (wink,wink) and head to the beach!!

Gabi Gregg from



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