A New Reality Show called “Curvy Girls”

So this is pretty exciting!  Sorella Swim, my new swimwear line, was featured in the pilot episode of “Curvy Girls”…a new reality TV show being developed for NUVO TV.  Now, like every other pilot, there is no guarantee that NUVO TV or any other station will pick up the series, but there is a lot of buzz around this show because it is the first of it’s kind…so fingers crossed!

Lorna & Victoria from "Curvy Girls"

“Curvy Girls” is a reality TV show that follows 5 curvy models through their lives as models and the dramas they face within the fashion industry, modeling agencies and all the other factors that hit them within society.  Each girl has her own story and is a different size and shape.  Totally fabulous!!  As I like to say, there are all kinds of curves.  Bring ‘em on!

In the Sorella Swim episode which taped on July 22nd, 2011 in the Hollywood Hills the two models featured from the cast were Lorna, who is a size 12, and Victoria, who is a size 16.  The production company was also nice enough to have Sorella Swim’s very own Lindsey Todd (our photo shoot model) featured in the taping as well!!  The taping was very smooth and the girls looked fabulous in the swimwear.  It was rewarding to see these girls put on the swimwear and instantly turn on that inner diva!  It was clear the swimwear made them feel sexy and chic and that is the ultimate goal!

On set of "Curvy Girls" Sorella Swim Episode (left to right: Victoria, Jessica, Lorna)

On set "Curvy Girls" Sorella Swim (L to R: Lindsey, Victoria, Lorna, Jessica, Delia)

The production company could give me no idea on an air date, but keep a lookout for the launch of this ground breaking reality show!  Curvy ladies are taking the airwaves and fashion industry by storm!  Times truly are changing and the entertainment industry and fashion industry are finely opening their eyes…let’s embrace every moment!

I am excited to see what’s next!

The "Curvy Girls" posing in their Sorella Swimwear (L to R: Lindsey, Victoria, Lorna)

My "Curvy Girls" (L to R: Lindsey, Jessica, Victoria, Lorna)

Ladies!  If you are liking the Sorella Swim collection get out to your local boutiques and high end department stores and request it today!  I need your help putting this collection on the shelves.  Sorella Swim will be in stores and online starting December 2011!

Thank you!

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