The Italian Embrace Those Feminine Curves

How many of you happened to pick up the July issue of Italian Vogue?  Probably not many of you unless you can read Italian…

I am fashion obsessed so I always love to flip through the foreign fashion mags!

Well, this month, I was quite impressed by the seductive spread of curvy models featured in Italian Vogue.

The beginning of the article following the spread says in big, bold letters…people are talking about it…NO DISCUSSION: CURVY IS SEXY.

Images for Italian Vogue July 2011

I couldn’t agree more!

The magazine is riddled with tons of comments promoting curves…like, “The now shape”, “The World is Going Curvy” and “Curvy Fantasy”.  I have never seen a fashion magazine in the states promote curves and women with shape so openly and vividly.  How refreshing!

Now, I just wish I could read the articles…

Italian Vogue has a blog dedicated to curves at Vogue Curvy where you can check out a lot of the content I mention above.  Something worth subscribing to if you ask me!

See some of the fabulous images from the spread below.

Check it out all the images at

Images for Italian Vogue July 2011

Images for Italian Vogue July 2011

Images for Italian Vogue July 2011

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